Nibbly Things: Out Of The Way, Here Comes Kirsten Dunst

  • It seems Kirsten Dunst has some pull at Bungalow 8, and has just lost a fan. [Made In Brazil]
  • Was Jane magazine editor Jane Pratt “auditioned” for the role of Tom Cruise’s girlfriend back in the Vanilla Sky era? [The Corsair]
  • Ingrid Cesares, Madonna’s gal pal and club promoter, is feuding with her ex-partners. She exploded into a public screaming match during the opening of fashion week in South Beach. The ex-partners thought she was dipping her hands in the cookie jar. Which is odd, because she never was a big eater. [Page Six]
  • It seems that Jude Law is spiraling out of control. He’s now attacking small children. [A Beastmarkets Daily Companion]
  • Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito isn’t ready for that comeback after all. Page Six reported he was opening a new restaurant in the former Anju space. Eater says it isn’t so. [Eater]
  • Oops. It seems that CNN and Metro both ran a photo of a man who appeared to be masturbating. [Page Six]