Nibbly Things: Owen Wilson – Mile High Club Member

  • Owen Wilson has confessed he’s a member of the Mile High Club. He admits he once made love to a girlfriend during a five-hour flight, and then goes on to say that he doesn’t think girls think he’s a sex symbol. We’ll agree. [FemaleFirst]
  • Well, New York City and Paris lost out to London for the bid to host 2012 Olympic Games. The Queen was said to be so overwhelmed, that she peed just a little bit, when she heard the news. [Yahoo]
  • Russell Simmons, Winner, 2005, Best Spontaneous Oral Interpretation of a Cat’s Asshole Award. [The Cosair]
  • No big (no pun intended) suprise at the Notorious B.I.G. trial ending in a mistrial. When will the Los Angeles Police Department learn not to withheld evidence from the court? [AP]
  • Johnny Knoxville would do David Geffen if he was gay; “you might has well hump your way to the top.” Always classy that Johnny. [Lowdown]
  • Prince Albert of Monaco has acknowledged that he is the father of the baby born out of wedlock, whose mother is a former Air France flight attendant. We kind of knew that one was coming. [AP]