Nibbly Things: Olsen Twins Activate and More

Olsen Twins Take Control Of Media Empire
And watch it quickly disintegrate. [Reuters]
Calvin Klien Does Brazil
I’m assuming is officially scouting for talent (models), and unofficially scouting for ass. [Made In Brazil]
Beyonce Hints At End Of Destiny’s Child
Blah, blah, blah. [Ananova]
Portia de Rossi Give Ellen Tiffany’s Ring
Portia bought a matching one for herself. It signifies their commitment to each other. Haven’t they been going out for like a month? [Page Six]
Hilary Swank’s A Liar
She hid a staph infection from the makers of ‘Million Dollar Baby.” [CBS News]
Sundance 2005 Info Roundup
The blog husband sums up the highlights so far. [The Corsair]
The Ex-Boyfriend Will Always Spill The Beans
Michael Vartan spills Jennifer’s Elektra beans. Asked if he’d seen “Elektra,” Vartan replied: “I heard it was awful.” Us: “You saw it?” MV: “No, she called me and told me it was awful.” Us: “Would you ever make a movie you knew was awful?” MV: “She had to do it because of ‘Daredevil.’ It was in her contract.” [Page Six]