Nibbly Things: Olympics Logo, Kirstie Alley’s Huge, Becks, Rudy Huxtable, and more.

> NewYorkish Takes On the Olympics Logo
If it’s going to feature the Twin Towers, it might as well feature drunk homless men. [NewYorkish]
> Kirstie Alley’s Huge
I saw her on a recent Without a Trace, and was utterly amazed at how big she has gotten. Why hasn’t Scientology been able to stop this? [Tilman Hausherr]
> The Fuss Over Beckham’s Alleged Affair
They are the British equivalent to was Bennifer was. [AP]
> The Corsair on a Grown Up Kiesha Knight Pullman
Rudy Huxaible is all grown up and scantily clad. [The Corsair]
> Being Fat Made Rosanne Horrible
Maybe Kirstie Alley could learn a thing or two from Rosanne. [NYDN]