Nibbly Things: No Gout About It, Jared Leto is a Dedicated to His Art

  • Poor Jared Leto. He gained so much weight in order to play Mark David Chapman for the film “Chapter 27,” that he developed gout. He’s taken to wearing plastic clogs because of the joint pain in his toes. Ewww. [Page Six]
  • Playboy’s big daddy, Hugh Hefner, is in tip top shape. He has not had a stroke as reported. I’m sure he’s still as horny as ever. [AP]
  • Actress Kristy Swanson is not puffy (well she actually is, just not in the fat way) as previously reported, she’s pregnant. She and ice skater Lloyd Eisler are expecting their first child together on Valentine’s Day. [People]
  • The prosecutor who filed DUI charges against Mel Gibson has been removed from the case. Ralph Shapiro has been removed from the case, and Gina Satriano has now been appointed to the case. Put two and two together people. [TMZ]
  • The “personal nightmare” of Martha Stewart is now over as of yesterday, when she agreed to pay $195,000 to settle an insider-trading case with federal regulators. She issued this artfully worded statement that implied victory over dark forces: “This brings closure to a personal matter and my personal nightmare has come to an end.” Good luck to you. [Daily Dish]

Written by Tara Benedict