Nibbly Things: Nick Lachey’s Got Porn

  • Jessica Simpson found her husband’s (Nick Lachey) porn stash, and demanded that it be thrown out. She not a prude, she just thought that it was too massive to be kept around. [Popdirt]
  • What happens when you take too many drugs. You can’t keep it up. That’s what a former girlfriend of Kate Moss’ fiance, Pete Doherty is claiming. He reportedly smelled like a pile of manure, often went limp, and wasn’t that well endowed either. Go for it Kate! [Page Six]
  • Remember that crazy former pro football player who fired shots at Sigfried & Roy’s compound? No. Well it turns out that he really is crazy. Cole Ford, 32, a former kicker for the Oakland Raiders, has been ruled incompetent to stand trial and sent to a mental health facility for treatment. Ford told a psychiatrist that he thought the entertainers’ contact with their animals was sexual and related to the development of viruses such as AIDS. [AP]
  • Do you have a foot fetish? If so, and you’re into male celebrities, we’ve got the site for you. Ebay is hosting an auction of photos of barefoot male celebrities. Okay? [Defamer]