Nibbly Things: Naomi Campbell Trumps Paris Hilton Who Trumped Kimberly Stewart and More

Naomi Gets To Strut at Heatherette
Let’s play musical wardrobe. [La Dolce Musto]

Vincent Gallo Calls Woman Horrible Six Times and More
He obviously hates to be photographed after experiencing the humiliation of the photograph that accompanies this post. [Gawker]

The Hilton Sisters At Heatherette
Paris works it with Amanda Lepore [brooklynvegan]

Jam Master Jay Alive and Well According to the Post
Ooops. [Anonymous Outsider]

Britney To Throw Lavish Bachelorette Party
Early enough, so in case she doesn’t make the wedding, she’ll at least get a party out of it. [Bastardly]

Kitty Kelly Trashes George W.
As if she was going to play nice. [WOW]

Britney’s Doctor Ordered Her To Wear Uggs
If she wants to give her feet a rest, as her Mommy says she does, she should stay off her feet. [Defamer]

J. Lo Pisses Off Sponsors
Multitasking on Coty’s dime. That’s not J. Lo, that’s Jenny from the block. [NYDN]

Oprah Gives Away 276 Pontiacs To Audience
And it wasn’t even a My Favorites Things show. [CNN]