Nibbly Things: Nicole Kidman May Be With Child. Or Not.

  • It hasn’t even been confirmed that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are dating, and the pregnancy rumors have begun. [Female First]
  • Elizabeth Vargas is set to become the first “hot” female news anchor. Oh, and someone named Bob Woodruff will lurk somewhere in her beautiful shadow. [ABC News]
  • A British Eminem impersonator has pleaded guilty to murdering an aspiring singer and law student. If this happened in the U.S., I’m sure the victims family would file some type of wrongful death lawsuit against Eminem. [Defamer]
  • An example of a stupid American suing. A lady is suing the Elizabeth Arden salon at Saks for losing her huge engagement ring…because she left it on the shelf! [Gothamist]
  • Russell Crowe and his wife are expecting baby number two. Good luck with that. [Celebrity Baby Blog]
  • Gwyneth Platrow is not a vodka drinker. So that explains everything. []
  • Are Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora headed for the big D. Say it isn’t so! [Radar Online]