Nibbly Things: Maddox Jolie, The Cutest Kid in Hollywood

July 19th, 2006 // 3 Comments
  • Angelina Jolie‘s four-year-old son Maddox has topped a new magazine poll as the cutest kid in Hollywood. I’d say it was a good choice. []
  • Finally, what we have all been waiting for. Fabian Basabe has put pen to paper for Glamour (WTF). Plus, it’s a bonus for all you Fabian fans, he’s writing a novel as well. [Jossip]
  • If you know what’s good for you Harry Morton, get out now. Lindsay Lohan is the jealous girlfriend type, and don’t think that she’ll let you visit a “female friend” without consequences. [The Scoop, second item]
  • You’ll all be happy to know that Christina Aguilera has finally removed the last of her piercings. Her nipple ring is not longer present on her right breast. [Lowdown]
  • Kevin Smith, the director of “Clerks 2″ doesn’t have a fan in movie critic Joel Siegel, who walked out of the film’s screening. “Time to go!” roared Siegel to his fellow critics. “First movie I’ve walked out of in 30 [bleeping] years!” Kevin Smith then wrote a response on his MySpace blog. [Page Six]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. annabelle21

    I agree with Kevin Smith that Joel Sigel should have kept his rude comments to himself during the showing of the movie. But I also agree with Joel that it probably sucks ass.

  2. chris

    that “cutest kids” polls is a JOKE!!

    Britney’s brat is #2 (and he is and always was an ugly baby!), and not a Witherspoon-Phillippe offspring to be found? Their tots are cuter than Angie’s and Madonna’s combined!

  3. I personally don’t mind Fabian Basabe. I even think he’s kind of hot.

    Does this mean I have odd tastes?

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