Nibbly Things: Michelle Rodriguez Back In Jail

  • Where is Michelle Rodriguez going after her 60-day stint in jail ends? France! “I’m moving to France,” she says. “You know, people don’t bother you there. I do what I got to do. Then I leave the country and never come back.” Au revoir! [TMZ]
  • Barbara Walters is worth more than $6 million, or at least that’s what she thinks. She has gotten out of a $6 million contract with Miramax books for her memoirs. She’s looking for more money from another publisher. [Page Six]
  • You’d never guess who is a fan of American Idol winner Taylor Hicks? Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She’ll even be sending her fellow Birmingham native a congratulatory letter. [Time]
  • Get ready for the details of the Michael Jackson/Debbie Rowe divorce and custody case to become public. The judge ruled Wednesday that all the papers from the Rowe-Jackson custody and divorce case be filed for the public to view. [FOX411]
  • The Anthony Pellicano just gets more and more interesting. There is now possible evidence that the private detective was also a go-between for Israeli mobsters? [Rush & Molloy]
  • Ailing movie legend Elizabeth Taylor has agreed to sit down for what is expected to be one of her final TV interviews with pal Larry King next week. Despite reports to the contrary, Elizabeth does not have Alzheimers and is not on the verge of death. [Starpulse]