Nibbly Things: Madonna And Guy Ritchie Dress Up, And It’s Not Even Halloween


  • Madonna and Guy Ritchie get naughty at a Kabbalah party. She dresses up like a French Maid, and he dresses up like and Indian. [mykeywood]
  • Jamie Foxx continues annoy the world although, this time it’s not because of his Ray Charles shtick. Mr. Foxx sings “Gold Digger” 500 times a night at whatever club or party he happens to be at. [US Weekly]
  • We are happy to hear that Will Ferrell did not die in a paragliding accident. [Regret The Error]
  • Actor Don Cheadle is being eyed to star as jazz legend Miles Davis in a biographical film. Talk about great moments in casting. [Billboard]
  • Mike Wallace is leaving 60 Minutes. No, he wasn’t fired, he’s just nearing 100. [Jossip]
  • Hunky actor Colin Farrell’s sex tape lawsuit has been upheld by a U.S. Superior Court judge. Score one for Farrel, score zero for the viewing public. []
  • Nick Lachey pays to random girls for the ride of his life. Not really. [TMZ]