Nibbly Things: Martha Stewart’s Been Bad

  • Martha Stewart has been ordered to wear her monitoring device for three more weeks. So the poor thing can only venture out of her home for 48 hour a week (for employment, food shopping, doctor appointments and church). No reason as to what she did to receive the extended home confinement sentence. [AP]
  • We all knew that Janice Dickinson was greedy, right? Well, she quit America’s Next Top Model because she didn’t think she was getting enough money. [reality blurred]
  • That nose. The Butterscotch Stallion’s nose is a fascinating specimen. [cityrag]
  • Boo hoo. Eva Longoria has to wait in line. “She was telling the doorman that she was a celebrity and wouldn’t wait. But she was told, ‘You’re no exception here. You have to wait in line behind the other 100 people.'” She was also involved in some sort of water scandal. [Scoop]
  • Does anyone really think that “raw food” restauranteurs Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis, are the Jude Law and Sienna Miller of the New York restaurant world? I don’t think so either. [Page Six]
  • 80-year-old actress Liz Smith, took the part of the golden ticket winning granny in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, just so she could kiss Johnny Depp. You go girl. [Ananvoa]