Nibbly Things: Mel Gibson’s Stalker Does Time

  • God sent away Mel Gibson’s stalker for three years. Sinclair wrote 12 letters to Gibson saying he wanted to strengthen the actor-director’s faith. “I realized we were probably dealing with someone fairly deluded,” Gibson told the Los Angeles court in March. Yes, because we all know that Mel Gibson has all the faith in him that a body can hold. [Reuters]
  • With the upcoming film adaptation of Alex McAulay’s Bad Girls, Jossip has gone straight to the source to hear the authors opinions on Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. [Jossip]
  • Coming soon to Broadway, it’s Martha Stewart the musical! “The show tells the life story of Martha Blake, who, with guile and glue gun, rises from her working class Polish roots to become doyenne of American domesticity and one of the most successful businesswomen in American history. I’m so there. [NewYorkology]
  • Is Michael Jackson’s nanny cutting him off from his family. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since the acquittal ten days ago. Maybe he’s hooked up with the Scientologists. [Fox411]
  • There is some very interesting talk going on at Data Lounge concerning Tom Cruise. With rumors spreading EVERYWHERE about Katie being his beard to some sudden revelation of his sexuality he and his bat-shit crazy sister are trying to white wash his image. Some have suggested it is because Tom is HIV+ which makes for a VERY interesting subject. Especially if you tie it into the ‘on hold’ status of MI3 and the rumors of Cruise being ‘uninsurable’. That’s a theory. [Queer Day]
  • The “model” who punched Cameron Diaz in the face, has a big set of tits. [Nude British Celebs – not work friendly – via The Superficial]