Nibbly Things: Martha Stewart 24/7

What you’ve always wanted, 24 hours of Martha Stewart. The domestic goddess has joined Howard Stern and signed on with Sirius Satellite Radio to create a 24-hour radio channel. The new radio network, geared toward the estrogen set, will feature tips on entertaining, decorating, gardening, cooking and all things Martha. Too much of a good thing? [E Online]
Ben Affleck beats Jennifer Garner. Not exactly, but it’s all in the photos. [Suck My Blog]
The Ann Coulter photo on the cover of Time magazine looks freakish. Small things make me happy. [low culture]
A warrant has been issued for the arrest of troubled actress Natasha Lyonne. The actress failed to appear for a court hearing on charges stemming from a rampage during which she was heard threatening to molest a neighbor’s dog. Police called to the scene said Lyonne told the neighbor, “I’m going to sexually molest your dog.” Ewww. [Reuters]
Andy Dick lives up to his name. He was booted from a comedy club after patrons complained that the 39-year-old exposed himself onstage. Once again, ewww. [AP]
Marky Mark doesn’t think scarves and (holding) baguettes are becoming on a man. A Socialite’s Life thinks Marky Mark is a pussy. [The Corsair]
Folk singer James Taylor is apparently amazing in bed. At least that’s what Joni Mitchell thinks. Alright. [Page Six]