Nibbly Things: Mariah Carey Covers Up and More

Say Goodbye To Mariah Carey’s Cleavage
Mimi has grown up, and won’t be showing off her ta ta’s as much as before. [Page Six]
Paris Hilton Visits Palacio’s With Alejandro Fernandez
He’s hot. [Gatecrasher]
Christian Bale Has No More Love For Ewan McGregor
Ever since their gay love scene in Velvet Goldmine, Christian never calls. [WOW Report]
There’s Nothing Like A Rachel Hunter Scorned
Sweetie, just relax, of course he’s going to get married again. He’s an aging rock star. [Page Six]
Why Does Kate Moss Always Pick The Losers
Druggie toy Pete Doherty celebrated St. Patrick’s Day where he sang incoherently for 10 minutes London with Pogues frontman Shane McGowan, while Kate left to fend off the photographers. [Page Six]
Don’t State Your A Blogger If You Want To Enter The U.S.
This is utterly unbelievable. [Ensight via]
Naomi Campbell Finds Love In Brazil
Or at least some good sex in the form of Sergio Marone. [Made In Brazil]
Jacko’s Accuser Once Claimed George Lopez Stole $300 From His Wallet
The defense motion claims the incident shows evidence of the family’s “pattern and practice of coaching the children to lie for financial gain.” In other words, this family is fucked up. [AP]