Nibbly Things: Mary-Kate Olsen’s Toilet Treatment and More

Mary-Kate Olsen Gets Preferential Toilet Treatment
Bungalow 8 let’s Mary-Kate jump to the front of the bathroom line (for a little snortin’ and a pukin’ – maybe)? [Page Six]
Jet Li Survives Tsunami
He saved his daughter and himself. [E Online]
Lindsay Lohan and The Totally Unsubstantiated Playboy Rumor
She’d pose if it weren’t for her contract with Disney. [Gawker]
Author/Activist Susan Sontag Dies
RIP. Thanks’ for the camp. [AP]
The Top Ten Cheneys of 2004
Camel Toe Cheney is my favorite. [overeducated and underemployed]
Liza Reportedly Intoxicated When She Fell
Not Liza. [Daily Dish]