Nibbly Things: Martha and the Lesbians, Tara Reid’s Plastic & More

> Marha’s Lesbian Hell
“She’s been advised by friends to hire a hulking gay girl, the toughest in the prison population as her ‘protector.’ – She’s got some smart friends. [Anonymous Outsider]
> Tara Reid Flashes Her Plastic (Boobs)
What would the world do without Tara Reid? [NYP]
> Jennifer Lopez Wants To Star in Film Opposite Marc Anthony
Have we not learned anything from Gigli? [IOL]
> P Diddy’s New Jersey Home
$8,950,000, 8 Bed, 9.5 Bath, Estimated payment: $41,510 Per Month. [Realtor]
> Police Arrest Mark Hacking
Hopefully the bastard didn’t live up to his last name. [CNN]
> Amy Fisher To Release Book
I do not need to hear the intimate details of Amy’s affair with Joey Buttafucco. [CNN – 2nd item]