Nibbly Things: Lindsay Lohan In The Loo and More

What Was Lindsay Lohan Doing In A New Orleans Bathroom
Apparently, not taking a crap. [Defamer]
Don’t Confuse Star Jones With Flotilla DeBarge
Does Flotilla have back fat? [Timmy Ray]
Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Want To Be Meryl Streep
Don’t worry about that ever happening dear. [Celebrity Gossip]
Brad And Jennifer Kissing
Let go people, let go. [R&M]
Paris Hilton Cellphone, The Fake, And The Aftermath
People will call numbers from a fake phone too. [LG: Suck My Blog]
Kimora Simmons Will Beat Your Ass
Ladies, don’t go near Russell Simmons. Not that you would ever want anything with Kimora scent all over it. [Page Six]
What Happens When A Naked Woman Rolls Down A Hill On A Bike
You laugh your frickin’ ass off. [via WOW]
Rocco DiSpirito Apologizes To Jeffrey Chodorow
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. [Page Six]