Nibbly Things: Laura Bush Gets Shimmery & More

Laura Bush Selects Shimmery Inaugural Gown
Shimmery still won’t make her interesting. [AP]
AP Sinks To Low With Kennedy Obituary Headline
“Retarded Kennedy Sister Dies at 86.” Nice. [Gawker]
Affleck Purchases New Love Nest
Let’s take the baby rumors up to the next level. [Zap2it]
Naomi Campbell In Denial Over Usher Breakup
British supermodel was telling pals that she and Usher are still together. – They aren’t. [Gatecrasher]
ODB Lied About Life Story
So he could have some street cred. Whatever. [Page Six]
Star Jones’ Upcoming Guide To Finding A Soul Mate
No there is not a chapter on fine tuning your gaydar. [Gawker]
An Open Letter To Billionaire Bad Boy Brandon Davis
As only as James St. James could write. [WOW]