Nibbly Things: Laura Bush Gets Shimmery & More

January 11th, 2005 // 1 Comment

Laura Bush Selects Shimmery Inaugural Gown
Shimmery still won’t make her interesting. [AP]
AP Sinks To Low With Kennedy Obituary Headline
“Retarded Kennedy Sister Dies at 86.” Nice. [Gawker]
Affleck Purchases New Love Nest
Let’s take the baby rumors up to the next level. [Zap2it]
Naomi Campbell In Denial Over Usher Breakup
British supermodel was telling pals that she and Usher are still together. – They aren’t. [Gatecrasher]
ODB Lied About Life Story
So he could have some street cred. Whatever. [Page Six]
Star Jones’ Upcoming Guide To Finding A Soul Mate
No there is not a chapter on fine tuning your gaydar. [Gawker]
An Open Letter To Billionaire Bad Boy Brandon Davis
As only as James St. James could write. [WOW]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. C.K. Dexter-Haven

    Ah! Star Jones…the only person on earth who can give Denise Rich a run for the money (pun intended) as the tackiest person on earth…

    I wonder if STAR is her birth name…what is even more amusing is that she’s one visit to Krispy Kreme away from becoming PLANET Jones…having grown to such proportions that the word STAR is not really all-encompassing enough anymore…and she comes now to give us all advice about how to find a mate…(altho I guess the “book” might be aimed at women rather than men…) I will leave it to Miu’s wonderful wit to discuss the implications and ramifications of taking mating advice from Madame Jones…Heaven help those who do…

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