Nibbly Things: Lynne Cheney’s An Idiot And More

The Kerry/Cheney Gay Bullshit
Mary Cheney has been an acknowledged lesbian by her family for years, I don’t know how Kerry’s comments can be deemed upsetting? [lowculture]
Brandon Davis Claims Paris Hilton Uses “N” Word Often
This is coming from Brandon Davis, so we probably shouldn’t pay any attention to it. [Defamer]
Last Presidential Debate Ratings Success
51 Million People Watched. Let’s hope everyone who watched votes. [Reuters]
KRS-One Asserts That He and Other African-Americans “cheered when 9/11 happened.”
Charming. [NYDN, third item]
Elizabeth Spiers Leaves New York Magazine For MediaBistro
It seems like a better fit. [Gawker]
Woman Bites Off Tounge Of Man Who Attempted To Rape Her
Kudos. Who’s got the balls now? [WFTV]