Nibbly Things: Luther Vandross Didn’t Have To Die

July 5th, 2005 // Leave a Comment
  • Luther Vandross died at the age of 54, two years after he suffered a stroke. What will come out in the next few days will be the story of how his manager, Carmen Romano, fought to keep Luther on track with his medical care. Opposing Romano were Vandross’s mother and sister. “They did not keep appointments he was supposed to have,” a source said. “It was a constant struggle to get Luther the attention he needed.” [Fox411]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is set to open an eco-hotel on the island he just purchased off the Belize coast. Props to Leo. [contactmusic]
  • Is Naomi Watts in need of some anger management. She reportedly got into a screaming match on her cellphone, and the next day screamed at a salesgirl. Reps for the actress are denying the outbursts. [Page Six]
  • Pink proposed to her boyfriend of four years, motocross champ Carey Hart. I totally forgot about Pink. [Yahoo! Music]
  • There was a little diva drama at Live8. Madonna wants Mariah Carey kept away from her backstage at Live 8, it has been claimed. “Madonna doesn’t want to see Mariah or her massive entourage.” [FemaleFirst]
  • Kathy Hilton is mean. She took her reality show contestant, Yvette Brown, along on a Rodeo Drive shopping spree and didn’t buy Yvette a thing. I call that sweet justice. [Page Six]
  • Children saved Johnny Depp’s life. The former hellraiser, who was renowned for drinking heavily, trashing hotel rooms and scrapping with paparazzi, claims becoming a father put a stop to his wild ways. They tend to do that, especially after you let go of your self-importance. [FemaleFirst]
By Miu von Furstenberg

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