Nibbly Things: Lizzie Grubman Is A Backstabbing . . .

  • Lizzie Grubman is dating husbands of her own employees. Joyce Stern, a publicist who works for Lizzie Grubman, was in tears yesterday after she read Page Six and learned the identity of Grubman’s new “boyfriend” — her husband, Chris Stern. Lizzie even had the gall to comfort Joyce during the breakup of her marriage. [Page Six]
  • Poor Britney. She’s just revealed her pregnancy to the world, and she has baby drama already. Britney — crying, pale and with her baggy jeans stained with blood — made a dramatic late-night entrance at the hospital, accompanied by Kevin, 27, and a bodyguard, around 10:30 p.m. – Too much information. [Star]
  • Nicole Richie won’t be back for another seasons of The Simple Life. We always knew we liked Nicole. [Reuters]
  • An out of control Andy Dick, a knife wielding Janice Dickinson, and an expletive spewing Omarosa. That’s what you have to look forward to on the next season of The Surreal Life. [Page Six]
  • Michael Jackson is going to sell his Beatles catalog. Being that the catalog is his most valuable asset, it’s the best way to keep himself out of debt. He may also want to think of selling the Neverland Ranch – a little bad luck is associated with that.[FOX411]
  • The fetus of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline was conceived in room 248 in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas. How fitting. [Page Six]