Nibbly Things – Lionel Richie Has a Mess, Elle’s Ad, Alec & Kim, Viggo & More

> Lionel Richie’s Soon To Be Ex is Wanting Some Bling
Glad to see there’s a plastic surgery allowance built in. [smokinggun]
> Elle’s Lingerie Ad Banned
I guess inferring masturbation is taboo. [AP]
> Alec and Kim Settle On Joint Custody
The two crazies finally make some sense. [AP]
> All That is Viggo Viggo Mortensen
And all that is very much somethin’ somethin’. [WP]
> NY In Uproar Over Bush’s New Campain Ad
Do not use 9/11 to further yourself, you asshole. [Reuters]
> J Lo’s Got a Money Pit
And it’s not her coochie. [E Online]