Nibbly Things: Kobe Settles And More

Kobe Bryant Settles In Court
Wise move on both their parts. [Retuers]
Hillary Swank Devours Astro Burger In Oscar Gown
She so real! [Defamer]
Prosecutor Claims ‘Lil Kim Is A Liar
The fact that she is a fashion victim was not mentioned. [Reuters]
A Conversation Between Alan Cummings And Jamie Kennedy
Quite amusing actually. [The Corsair]
Former Employee Sues Lizzie Grubman
The employee should consider herself blessed for no longer having to work for Lizzie Grubman. [USA Today]
Paris Hilton May Have Been A Victim Of A Hole And A Hack
Well, in order for the hack to happen, someone went through her T-Mobile’s hole. []
Charles & Camilla In Happier Days
I choked on my water when I viewed this. [WOW]
Man Convicted For Illicit Fileswapping Of Oscar Films Dies In Jail
He should have never fucked with Jack Valenti. [boingboing]