Nibbly Things: Kimora’s Mug Shot, Demi & Ashton, Elijah Wood’s Midget & More

July 29th, 2004 // 4 Comments

> Kimora Lee Simmons Mug Shot
While the Kabbalah braclet failed to ward off the evil police, it did provide her with a beautiful free set of head shots. [KTB]
> Demi and Ashton May Wed In Israel
Moore and Kutcher are planning to get married in a Kabbalah ceremony in Tel Aviv. When will the Kabbalah madness end? [MSNBC]
> Elijah Wood’s Male Circus Midget
I hear they give the best blow jobs. [superficial]
> Catherine Zeta-Jones Stalker Threatened To Slice Her Up
The actress said she felt terrorized and was so panicked that she felt she was about to suffer a stroke or heart attack. – Take it easy Catie, the stalker said she was sorry for writing the letters. [Reuters]
> Pamela Anderson and David LaChapelle Gone Awry
Apparently you should never call Mr. LaChapelle’s photographs campy. [kate sullivan ect. via Defamer]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelkel

    does any one know Elijah Wood’s email address?

  2. jes

    i think i know elijah wood’s email address!! its !!! totally awesome. my frend mails him, i havent tried yet..but i will!!

  3. Bessie

    This is to that Jes: how do you know that? Why do you say that is his email? Post your answer your email me at

  4. **CeCi**

    is that elijah wood’s email adresse???!!
    mmmmmmmmm………i don’t know…….

    but i will put it on mi msn contacts…. jejej!!


    i’m from argentina…. and i love elijah wood!!! yes!!

    well, i will go…
    if somebody wanna talk with me mi e- mail adresse is

    see you

    bye bye!!!


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