Nibbly Things: Kevin Federline’s Rap Is Horrible

  • Yeah, Kevin’s music sucks. “It’s incredible — incredibly horrible,” laughs DJ Star of the raucous Star & Buc Wild show. [MSNBC]
  • Shar Jackson gets her revenge on Britney Spears by sleeping with her first husband, Jason Alexander. Although, by sleeping with Jason Alexander, she’s really just hurting herself. [Page Six]
  • Troubled actress Natasha Lyonne skipped another court date. Nice move. [FOXNews]
  • Say hello to the CW network. A merging of The WB and UPN. Hopefully someone will watch now. [Reuters]
  • Actor Chris Penn, brother of Sean, has died. [ABC7]
  • Kirsten Dunst scores a taller slightly overweight Jake 2.0. [Just Jared]
  • Could Ron Perelman have traded in Ellen Barkin (wife number 4) for his second wife, Claudia Cohen? [R&M]
  • Russell Crowe has warned the paparazzi to stay away from his wife. Or he’ll throw phone after phone after phone at them. [The Age]
  • George Lopez has sent flowers to Jessica Simpson for his People’s Choice Awards Nick Lachey diss. [Jossip]