Nibbly Things: Kirsten Dunst Denies Affair With Orlando Bloom

September 7th, 2005 // 5 Comments
  • Kirsten Dunst is furiously denying rumors that she had an affair with her Elizabethtown costar Orlando Bloom, and the world really doesn’t care either way. [Female First]
  • I’m thinking this is a pretty accurate portrayl of how Tara Reid will look in 20 years. [Gallery of the Absurd]
  • You’re never too old to have a tutor. Guy Ritchie confessed he has hired a private teacher to help him learn everything he missed out on at school. “For a number of years I had a man who informed me of the classical body of wisdom.” Good luck with that. [Female First]
  • They always say, children know best. After Johnny Depp‘s son saw him dressed up in the Willy Wonka outfit, he told his dad: “You are really weird.” [smh]
  • Princess Michael of Kent makes for fabulous sound bites. [The Corsair]
  • Are Nicole Kidman and country singer Keith Urban heating it up? The couple snuck away to the Bahamas for a getaway that was so secret few on the islands even knew they were there. [myway]
  • Poor Mickey Rourke. He’s still punching people out. This time he attacked a fan who tried to take his picture in a London nightclub. [FemaleFirst]
  • Why does Reese Witherspoon try and avoid the paparazzi while her husband Ryan Phillippe baits them? [Access Hollywood]
  • Todd Bridges (Diff’rent Strokes) on ice. Just what I wanted to see. [Zap2it]

(Image Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. C.K. Dexter-Haven

    I have to disagree about Tara…she won’t even be alive in twenty years…the damage her body has taken and continues to take will do her in way before she reaches the next decade of her life, much less two decades…sad really.

    I happened to catch about three minutes of Taradise the other day…I won’t add to the comments posted over the months about her show…but I will say she is probably the first woman I have ever seen who couldn’t dance! Of course, she may have been drunk/stoned too, but she has the moves of a sumo wrestler…

  2. Anna

    If Keith Richards can stay alive, Tara can too.

  3. C.K. Dexter-Haven

    Richards isn’t alive…he is pickled in brine.

  4. M Factor

    My, my, my. Mickey Pork punched someone, again. When I was in the Military, eons ago, we dealt with pork handily. Punch someone , you get thrashed by the whole fucking platoon. This mess of a man needs attention. I wish I had attained Admiral status, I’d bust his guts to Private, and then sick the base (real mean) dogs on his wimpy ass. He’d be cryin’.

  5. That celebs on ice is gonna suck like Charlotte Church.

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