Nibbly Things: Kevin Spacey’s “Mugging”, TV Producer Dies While Having Plastic Surgery & More

> What Was Kevin Spacey Doing In a London Park?
Walking the dog. Reporting he was mugged, then recanting. Tricking out. (The last one gets my vote). [BBC]
> Canadian TV Producer Dies From Plastic Surgery
What have I been telling you. Plastic surgery can be very dangerous. [Reuters]
> Omarosa’s Skirt
Someone doesn’t wear underwear. Eww. [NYP]
> Lenny Kravitz is a Bitch and a Diva
So he claims. [Ananova]
> What’s Jacko’s Accuser Been Up To?
They desperately ill and extremely poor (highly exaggerated claims) accuser is living in a condo near Brentwood, and going on shopping sprees with local TV reporters. [NYDN]
> London Newspaper Claims To Have Admitted To Affair
News of the World is such a credible paper, I’m sure that is true. [Reuters]