Nibbly Things: Julia Roberts Fails To Receive Tony Nomination

  • I’m sure that Julia Roberts is cursing the day she agreed to take Broadway by storm. David Schwimmer was overlooked for his turn on Broadway as well. Oprah Winfrey received a nomination though. Go Oprah! [People]
  • That Brian Grazer is so wacky. Placing pictures of himself in people’s homes, leaving vials of urine in people’s homes, and putting his hands down Tom Ford’s pants. [Rush & Molloy]
  • American illusionist David Blaine, who failed to break the world record for holding his breath underwater last week, has announced his next stunt will be living among wild animals in the jungle. In other words, David Blaine will be living as a homeless man in New York City. []
  • Is it really that shocking that Barbra Streisand asked to be comped for tickets to see Mission: Impossible III? Well, Malibu right-winger Jennifer Grossman is outraged. [Lowdown]
  • Paris Hilton’s Mother’s Day gift for Kathy Hilton was stolen. “A delivery person from Christian Dior delivered the items to the residence, and set the package down on the sidewalk while trying to work the intercom system. At this point, a person came along and grabbed the items.” Seriously, do you think the whole thing was a set up for publicity? [TMZ]
  • Rapper JA Rule and his posse were bounced from Plumm nightclub after one of the pint-size rapper’s pals supposedly slapped a woman in the face. The group was “harassing models all night long” until one woman objected and began arguing with Rule’s pal. Play nice boys. [Page Six]
  • The mother of Pete Doherty’s is writing a “Son, Dearest” tell-all. “She wants the world to know what it’s like to be the mother of a rock star who is also a heroin and crack addict,” a source told the London Sun. That’s a must read. [Scoop]