Nibbly Things: Jennifer Lopez And John Travolta To Star In ‘Dallas’

  • This can only be awful. [ABC News]
  • It’s looking as if David Lee Roth is losing his stint as a morning radio show host. Since I don’t listen to radio this is of no consequence to me. [AP]
  • Page Six dared to mention Ron Burkle in it’s column this morning. The mention was flattering, if you call avoiding dozens of fashion models at a Lionel Richie concert flattering. [Page Six]
  • Brad Pitt has announced he’s sponsoring an architecture contest for New Orleans, designing environmentally-friendly homes in the hurricane-devastated areas of the city. This is why we love Brad. [Queerty]
  • Ah, Snoop. Let’s hope your security detail on onstage co-stars didn’t “restrain, drag, kick, punch and jump” a man until he was “beaten unconscious.” [Rush & Molloy]
  • One of Prince’s backup dancers has been moonlighting as a drug smuggler. Cecilia Maximilla was arrested at the airport in Rio de Janeiro with a whopping 44 pounds of cocaine in her luggage. Woah. [Gatecrasher]
  • Wafah Dufour, the niece of Osama Bin Laden, just signed a $100,000 contract with Brazilian clothing line TNG. They can have her. [Gatecrasher]