Nibbly Things: Justin Timberlake To Portray War Hero


  • I naturally assumed this was referring to Cameron Diaz’s war on the paparazzi, but no. The singer-turned-actor Justin Timberlake, will have to beef up to play a Rambo-style American Iraq War hero in Stop Loss. [The Sun]
  • TMZ has confirmed the most exclusive Hollywood hot spot — Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel — has been officially closed until further notice. Poor Amanda. [TMZ]
  • Does Tim Gunn have bigger things in the works other than his mentoring duties on Project Runway? You’re a star Tim, you’re a star. [Defamer]
  • Kevin Federline has a name for his baby – his first album, that is. Due to be released in August, it will be called Playing With Fire. How incredibly clever. [People]
  • Celebrity siblings exist to embarrass their more famous counterparts. [Jossip]
  • Does Britney Spears practice slave labor? Three of Britney Spears’ former bodyguards have sued Britney Brands, Inc. and Britney Touring, Inc., claiming they worked long hours and never received overtime pay. [TMZ]
  • Lucy Liu and Lucky Number Slevin co-star Josh Hartnett were enjoying a rare night out while filming the hit movie when Liu jumped onto a table and started dancing. She was horrified when officers showed up and told her she was disturbing the peace. Oh, Lucy. [FemaleFirst]
  • Actress Keira Knightley splashed out more than £30,000 on an amazing 20s-themed party at trendy Paper. Her boyfriend, actor Rupert Friend, and his pals invented the Killer Keira -a mix of Dom Perignon champagne and Jose Cuervo tequila shots. Bottoms up. [Mirror]