Nibbly Things: Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey Are OK

  • Jessica Simpson and her lips are doing just fine since her split with husband Nick Lachey. No word on if she’s still regular. [People]
  • It looks like Nick Lachey may sell his story to OK! Magazine for $300,000. Maybe marriage was good to Nick after all. [Page Six]
  • Ashlee Simpson is coming home to recover from “exhaustion.” It’s hard to keep of the appearance of being marginally talented. [E Online]
  • Naomi Campbell slams Sienna Miller. It would mean something if Naomi Campbell wasn’t the one doing the slamming. [SFG Daily Dish]
  • We knew it. Shirley McClaine is Jennifer Aniston’s beard. [Canoe]
  • Michael Jackson may soon turn into an animal killer. [Defamer]
  • Todd Kevin Wallace, the paparazzo, who injured a child while trying to capture of photo of Reese Witherspoon, did not show up for his court appearance. An arrest warrant has been issued. [E Online]