Nibbly Things: Jai Rodriguez – Not So Gay

  • ‘Queer Eye’s’ Jai Rodriguez likes girls too. “When I signed on to the show I didn’t realize I was going to have to always be gay.” [R&M]
  • Haven’t we all known that Whitney Houston has always been crazy? [fourfour via cityrag]
  • Roman Polanski has won his libel suit against Vanity Fair. The article alleged that Polanski (on the way to his wife’s, Sharon Tate, funeral) put his hand on the woman’s thigh and promised her: “I will make another Sharon Tate out of you.” [AP]
  • It was another trip to the hospital for Courtney Love. “She was at a party, felt faint, went out for air, a friend called an ambulance for precaution, they took her to the hospital and she was released immediately.” [Reuters]
  • Leave it to the New York Post to show some bad taste, but the BBC? [Gawker]
  • Who is Nadine Haobsh? She’s the formerly anonymous wit behind the beauty blog “Jolie in NYC” lost not one, but two enviable publishing jobs — all because of her online journal. Now that she has no blog and no job, she’s threatening to write “the book equivalent of a Kate Hudson movie.” Eeeek! [NYP]
  • Living in London. You may need this. [WOW Report]