Nibbly Things: Janice Dickinson Wants To Bed a Billionaire and More

> Janice Dickinson Will Now Only Bed Billionaires
And I’m the queen of England. [NY Post]
> The Apprentice’s Nick Gets a Job?
He might be working for Jason Binn. How fitting. [NY Post]
> Ben Affleck Smitten With John Kerry’s Daughter
Get away from the woman now. People hate you. It may even force them to vote for Bush. [NYDN]
> Phil Spector May or May Not Have Shot Woman
Conflicting Evidence. If he didn’t shoot her, and she killed herself, that must have been some bad date. [Reuters/AP]
> Rocco DiSpirtio: Failing Restaurant, Falling Book Sales, Creepy Man
Could there be anyone more smarmy or pathetic. [NY Post]