Nibbly Things: Jessica Alba To Change Whorish Ways and More

Jessica Alba Stops Being a Whore
We’ll see how long that lasts. [Defamer]
Adrianne Curry, Original ANTM, Is Pissed
Girl, just because you win on a reality show, doesn’t me instant career. [Page Six]
‘The Simple Life’ Is a Bore
And the fact that the show comes off as extremely staged, makes it even more of a snore. [ABC News]
Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Threatens Family In Order To Do Reality Show
As I’ve said before, he’s such a healthy individual. [R&M]
The James St. James Open Letter To Jason Davis
I’d just like to add – TrimSpa baby. [WOW]
Springfield Goes Gay
Some priceless photos. [FOX via Oscillate Wildly]
This is Paris Hilton Calling Dr. Patt
Does someone have a little problem? [Suck My Blog]
I Missed The Third Death Yesterday
John Raitt, Bonnie’s Father and Broadway perfomer, died at the age of 88. [AP]