Nibbly Things: Jared Leto Is a Douche and More

December 1st, 2004 // 3 Comments

Jared Leto Is The Biggest Douche Lindsayism Has Ever Met
He as no reason to be a douche. [Lindsayism]
Boring Anchor Brian Williams Bitchslaps Bloggers
I miss Tom Brokaw already. [The Corsair]
Maria Shriver Has Learned To Cope With The Groping
Flat-out tough, painful, no doubt about it.” – How do you really feel Maria? [Daily Dish]
Di’s Lover Slain By Royals?
Still being dramatic from the grave. [FOXNews]
Pam Anderson Screws Stephen Dorff
Wow. Kind of scraping bottom of the barrel there. [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mikey

    Who’s doing the scraping? Pam or Stephen? Or is it strictly mutual? Who can tell with those two?

  2. “jared leto is a douche”- ok so lindsay wasnt impressed, she took a picture with him grudgingly..and then decided not to post it on her blog along with that entry….because the girl was starry eyed and the photo probably showed it..gimme a break

  3. Katie

    jared leto is not a douche waht the heck are you talking about? you can just shut up and stop spreading lies about other people just because you dont feel good about yourself. i have never read anything so atrocious as what you just said so i cant believe it.

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