Nibbly Things: Jon Stewart Rules and More

Jon Stewart Vs. Tucker Carlson
Jon Stewart wins by an overwhelming margin. [stereogum]
Many Not Impressed With Britney’s “Letter of Truth”
Did anyone the notice that the stock for Cheetos and Red Bull skyrocketed right after her announcement. [Gawker]
Angelina Jolie Adopts Baby, Is Sexist Woman Alive and Loves S&M
The girls got it all going on. [The Corsair]
The Hollywood Height Chart
Gee that Conan O’Brien is tall. [via NewYorkish]
Another Queer Eye Guy Becomes Overexposed
Kyan Douglas is the new L’Oreal spokesperson. [Yahoo]
Defamer Gets Confused As To What List Janice Dickinson Is On
The list her as B-list, but she’s definitely C-list. Love her though. [Defamer]