Nibbly Things: Is Lindsay Lohan Insecure?

  • Lindsay Lohan may be just a tad insecure. Page Six reports that Lohan’s bodyguard has been known to usher away young beauties who sit at her banquette, even if they’re with her friends. I’m sensing a Stuart Smalley moment. [Page Six]
  • Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and her boyfriend, musician Josh Kelley, are engaged. I’m sure the great sex had something to do with this. [People]
  • Has Tommy Hilfiger’s partying gotten out of control? “He was out of control at Cain in Southampton last weekend,” adds a witness, who described him as boisterous and well served at the bar until 3:30 Sunday morning. Say it isn’t so Tommy. [Gatecrasher]
  • John Paulus, the former Green Beret who claimed to have had a one-night stand with Clay Aiken, now says he’s sorry that he went public with his story. He may regret the story now (the revelation didn’t quite turn into the cash cow that Paulus thought it would), but he couldn’t stop talking about the incident when he was originally interviewed by the National Enquirer. [The Scoop]
  • Just how successful of a musician is Mischa Barton’s boyfriend Cisco Adler? Well, his band Whitestarr, released a new CD last week, and it’s sold 812 copies. Yep. [Lowdown]