Nibbly Things: Is Anna Kournikova Married and More

Is Anna Kournikova A Lying Bitch?
Did she and Enrique get married or not?
Ashley Olsen Enrolls In Acting Lessons
Now if we could only get Mary-Kate to do the same. [Daily Dish]
Martha Stewart Calls For Sentencing Reform
And the end to “bad food” in prison. Amen to that. [AP]
Britney Spears Named Top Star of 2004
For accomplishing nothing except for being a complete idiot. [AP]
“Actress” Natasha Lyonne Arrested For Allegedly Threatening Dog
Apparently she thought she was looking in the mirror. [Daily Dish]
Whitney Houston Really Was Fucked Up At 2000 Oscar Rehearsals
Pulling her from the lineup, producer Lili Zanuck said, “We didn’t want to work for six months for this to be a show about how [bleeped]-up Whitney Houston was. – That’s whack. [Defamer]