Nibbly Things: Ivana Trump To Pimp on FOX & More

Ivana Trump To Pimp on FOX
She’ll help find an older woman a boytoy. [BBC]
Zeta-Jones Fanatic Ruled Sane
Dawnette Knight will be returning to court. Sane and suicidal are two different things. [E Online]
Mary-Kate Olsen Splits Up With Boyfriend
Apparently his eating habits weren’t up to snuff. [USA Today]
Kevin Federline: Fashion Icon
Oh, this is so sad. [cityrag]
Maid Wins Slavery Suit Against Sony Executive
Nena Ruiz said she often worked 18 hours a day and was forced to do strange household chores such as heating chicken nuggets and cutting up bananas or pears for the couple’s two dogs while she was fed leftovers and slept in a dog bed. – That wacky other coast. [AP]
Lauren Bacall Defines the Meaning of Legend
And Nicole Kidman is not in her dictionary. [AP]
Naomi Campbell’s ADL Ad Gets a Touch Up
Apparently some things aren’t anti-me. [NewYorkish]