Nibbly Things: How Ashlee Simpson Spent Her Drunk Night At McDonald’s

  • A drunk Ashlee Simpson wants to speak with the manager of McDonalds. Drunk girls are not pretty. [Perez Hilton and Egotastic, plus many others who set us the link]
  • The National Enquirer has apologized to Ashley Olsen for implying that she was involved in a drug scandal. I’m thinking they marked the wrong sister. [Hollywood]
  • Who knew The Donald hated gay people? Or maybe he just doesn’t know that gay men aren’t really into women. [cityrag]
  • The buffed up Jake Gyllenhaal may have let his brawn go to his head. “For some reason,” Gyllenhaal said, “I just got so angry that I had chipped my tooth … and just started hitting him (the actor who hit him while filming Jarhead) and we didn’t talk for a month after that.” [Gatecrasher]
  • Poor Leonardo DiCaprio is having a tough time getting laid. [Page Six]
  • Well, they couldn’t stay apart for long. Charlie Sheen is wearing his wedding ring again. Let us all take a moment now and say a silent prayer for Denise Richards. [People]
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar waxes on about Rosa Parks. And The Rock. [Lowdown]
  • It’s sounding like Ellen DeGeneres may be changing her tune about having children. That’s what a Portia can do to you. [contactmusic]
  • Does Fergie look like a cabbage patch kid? [Hollywood Tuna]