Nibbly Things: Geraldo & Kissinger In Love and More

Geraldo Rivera & Kissinger Almost Make Out
That’s not hot. [Gawker]
Tara Reid Disses’ Page Six And Lindsay Lohan
She calls a Page Six reporter “just evil,” and says, “Lindsay Lohan is way more wild than I was when I was her age. Don’t put me with her – I don’t want to be dragged into her s-.” – Simmer down sweetie. [Daily Dish, 2nd item]
Jennifer Lopez Cuts Off Danish Alcohol Supply
After a few drunk Danes kept interrupting her performance. [Scoop]
Former SNL Oprah Impersonator Likes Going Topless
Tracy Morgan enjoys taking his shirt off when he gets drunk in clubs. I guess, If he had been at a gay club, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. [Daily Dish]
Olsen Twins To Remake Korean Horror Flick?
Why don’t they just film their life story instead. Isn’t that scary enough. [Defamer]
Mischa Barton To Star In Remake of Boccacio’s The Decameron
Color me scared. [Gothamist]