Nibbly Things: Get Your Tinkerbell Poster, Lizzie Grubman Does Reality & More

August 20th, 2004 // 1 Comment

> Get Your Find Tinkerbell Poster on Ebay
What is this world coming to? The bid is currently at $66.00. The bidding ends August 25th. [Gawker]
> Lizzie Grubman’s PoweR Girls
First off, what a God awful title for the reality show. Second, how will this ever make Lizzie look good. [NYP]
> Madonna Buys Britney Spears A Rare 12th Century Book On the Kabbalah
Interesting gift choice. I didn’t realize Britney knew how to read. [Ananova]
> Celebrities Without Makeup
Scary. [Bitful]
> Robert Verdi Gets Joan Rivers’ Job at E!
Look for Robert to undergo major plastic surgery before taking to the air. [FWD]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. nothinexcitin

    “Power Girls” was the name the of an article written about her and her accomplices around 2001 – i believe it was New York magazine….

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