Nibbly Things: Everyone’s Talking About Jennifer Garner’s Pregnancy

  • While Jennifer Garner hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy, but her cast mates seem to have. Alias creator JJ Abrams tells Access Hollywood: “It will affect (shooting). But I think we have overcome a lot of other issues and things. I think the show will be a little bit different because of it, but Jennifer is so excited about everything right now…” [Celebrity Baby Blog]
  • Kenny Chesney wooed Renee Zellweger with a series of intense emails and and phone calls. Some would consider that kind of freaky, but to each his own. [Ananova]
  • The makers of the prosthetic penis, which Tom Sizemore famously used to try to beat a drug test, were subpoenaed to appear before a congressional subcommittee last week. I’m sure that’s not the first time there has been a fake dick in Congress. [Page Six]
  • Courtney Love may want to avoid seeing Gus van Sant’s latest film. “Last Days,” is a fictional reflection on Kurt Cobain’s life, and the director was quoted as saying; “I’d like her to see the film, but I also know it’s something that might just be too painful, too disturbing.” Good advice Gus. [AP]
  • New Zealand’s highest-rated current affairs show, Sunday, (their version of 60 Minutes) is doing a piece on New Zealander James Dale, who is president of 42 Below vodka. This is all due to a rift with Chelsea bar owner John Libonati, who accused the vodka’s ads of being anti-gay. Dale responded to the charges with a letter to Libonati that opened with: “Hello fuckface.” [Page Six]