Nibbly Things: Elvis Water For Sale and More

Get Your Elvis Drinking Water
The few tablespoons came from a plastic cup Presley sipped at a concert in North Carolina in 1977 – which was kept by fan Wade Jones, who was then 13. – For sale on Ebay. [BBC]
Hugh Grant Attacked By Jellyfish
He jumped up and was shouting, ‘I’ve been stung by a [bleep] jellyfish.’ – That Hugh. [SF Gate, 2nd item]
Donald Trump To Launch Line of Hair Products
Who would by this? [Page Six]
And I always thought Drudge was a bottom. [Drudge Report, headline on bottom left column]
Kevin Sites is Blogging From Thailand
He interviews two 26-year-olds from Los Angeles for their first hand account of the Tsunami.
Some Of The 2004 Dearly Departed Famous People
A tear will be shed for each. [Reuters]
Ann Coulter Hater
Check out the Ann’s fan’s comments at her eBay listing for her book. [Gawker]