Nibbly Things: Debbie Gibson Spread’s ‘Em and More

Out Of the Blue, Debbie Gibson Will Strip For Playboy
By sheer coincidence Debbie will also drop a new CD. [E Online]
Security Guard, Not Christian Slater Involved In Knife Attack
Well that’s no fun. [AP]
Star Jones Stages The View Sickout
Sadly it was only for one day. [Page Six]
Former NY Mayor Ed Koch – 95% Gay
“If Koch just came out and said, “I like hott guys, ” or, “I like hott girls,” or “I like to fuck cake,” then … maybe we’d be able to leave it alone, cut him some slack.” – I love my blog husband. [The Corsair]
Farrah Fawcett, The Reality Series Coming Soon
Hopefully it will shed some light on the ravaged look that she’s going on. [cityrag]
The James St. James Resurfacing Video
Not for the queasy. [WOW]
Paris Hilton Appears On Ellen
And Jossip blogs the event. Sample – Ellen invites herself along to go out with Paris; Paris feigns enthusiasm. [Jossip]