Nibbly Things: Demi Preggers, Britney’s Pissed, Kimora Lee Simmons Talks and More

> Is Demi Moore Preggers?
Defamer seems to think so. [Defamer]
> Britney’s Pissed (Not Drunk – Upset) With NY Post
And probably with me since we stated that she was sipping the whiskey and not ginseng. [USA Today]
A WB Talk Show Starring Kimora Lee Simmons
With Jules Asner (snore) and Cynthia Garrett. Color me excited. It will be like watching a trainwreck.
> Jon Passavant – The New Face of Estee Lauder
A very yummy pick. [Toronto Star]
> This Land Is Your Land
With George W. Bush and John Kerry. Better late than never. [DFW FanForce]
> Lloyd Grove in Another Tizzy
Give it a rest sweetie. You’re not the queen of gossip. It’s gossip, which means it’s probably not acurate in the first place. [Anonymous Outsider]

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