Nibbly Things: DMX Arrested Again, David Lee Roth’s an EMT, and More.

> Rapper DMX Arrested Again
This time for impersonating an FBI Agent, and attempting to steal a car. Word. [Reuters]
> David Lee Roth is a training to be an EMT.
Noble, but I’d be afraid he’d be too stoned to help me if his ambulance arrived at my door. [NYDN]
> The Official Guide To Subway Gunplay
Welcome back NewYorkish, we missed you. [NewYorkish]
> The Ghetto Olsen Twins
This photo is too hilarious. [planetdan]
> The penis pumping judge.
Eww. [TSG]
> Judge Refuses To Unseal Michael Jackson Case Evidence
I actually think that it’s a good thing. I think we’d all be too freaked out to know all the icky details. [AP]
> Whitney’s Been an Addict Her Whole Life
Did anyone know that she was with Eddie Murphy for two years. This leads credibility to the rumor that Eddie’s gay, and Whitney’s a lesbian. [popbytes]