Nibbly Things: Did Brad Pitt Secretly Marry Angelina Jolie?

October 22nd, 2005 // 8 Comments
  • Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie already married? At the Home Quarter Restaurant & Pie Shoppe, “Brad wore a big gold ring on his wedding finger!” Those little devils. [Star Magazine]
  • Were separate entrances at Koi the beginning of a Lindsay Lohan/Paris Latsis affair? Those little devils. [Lulop via Defamer]
  • Let the Beyonce pregnancy rumors begin. She was seen out in London with a rounded stomach. That little devil. []
  • Britney Spears‘ baby pictures we’re stolen! Crafty little devil. [Daily Dish]
  • Well, well…Gwyneth Paltrow has gotten herself knocked up again. That cheeky devil. [The Corsair]
  • Cameron Diaz surprised a class at Stanford University when the star helped lead a lecture on environmentally friendly design. That sneaky little devil. [AP]
  • A witness last night came forward, to assert that the girl who claims that Cristiano Ronaldo raped her – was laughing and flirting with him on the night of the alleged attack. [Entertainmentwise via Towleroad]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. u suck

    ok, that girl flirted with that motherfucker before he raped her and that makes her a bitch? are you fucking serious? that was like the worst thing i ever read on this site. you should be lucky that you’ve never been raped…

  2. miSS SiXtY

    love the postings, ‘you little devil’…looves it!

  3. lola21

    I dont think that flirting with someone gives them the right to rape you. No means no inspite of whatever previous behavior went on prior. A woman can flirt but no man should be able to violate her against her will. WTF were you thinking? If she is a bitch then I guess all women that get raped/date raped are.

  4. snn

    obviously what is meant is that the girl is allegedly lying to the police that Ronaldo raped her.
    that’s why she was called a *****.

  5. starlight_perfume

    How come when girl act or dress like sluts and then get raped its the guy who is to blame? I know it must be horrible to get raped but some girls (NOT ALL GIRLS)were just asking for it. Women have to protect themselves against stuff like that before anyone else will.

  6. sagethewise

    I used to be obsessed with Brad Pitt. I mean OBSESSED. All four of my dogs are named after him or characters he has portrayed (Brad, Tristan, Pitt, and Joe) and my walls used to be plastered with every picture of him available. now that he is with Angelina Ho-lie, I have lost all respect/love/desire for him. He has lost all of his appeal. I find him hideous-looking now, and that is no exaggeration. Thank God I was seventeen when I named my dogs after him. I can blame my stupidity on youth that way.

    I hope he and Whore-lie are married…in a year or so he will be tossed to the curb like the rest of them.

  7. Krystyn

    I think that the point of that story was to show that perhaps this girl is not telling the truth. It is always a sticky situation when a girl claims she was raped by a celebrity.

    SOME girls are out for the money.

    It’s not always a given that it really happened when a girl cries rape.

    But dressing seductively doesn’t mean you “asked” for it. And if you think that, you’re an ass.

  8. starlight_perfume

    Yeah, but you half to know there IS a difference between dressing seductivley and like a slut. Half of it is in the attitude.

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