Nibbly Things: Dave Chappelle Returns?

I’m still having some internet issues so posting will most likely be erratic for today.

  • Dave Chappelle has finally met with Comedy Central. No details have been given regarding what was discussed in the meeting. However, I’m sure the question, “What the fuck happened to you,” was brought up. [AP]
  • Ever dreamed of designing your own tampon. No? Yes? Well, here’s your chance. [Tampax Blogger]
  • Renee Zellwegger is putting back on a few pounds, because husband Kenny Chesney likes something stiff to hold on to. She’s gonna need to put on more than a few pounds for that to happen. [Ananova]
  • After the third day of diliberations, the Michael Jackson jury still hasn’t reached a verdict. They can’t seem to decide which crazy ass to believe. [Reuters]
  • Usher gets busy at London club Kabaret’s Prophecy where there was a queue of about 15 girls in short skirts and skimpy tops all dying to meet him. Slut, or wanna be hetero slut? [The Corsair]
  • Eminem is still as ignorant as ever. “I’ve answered this gay-bashing thing many a time. And I shouldn’t even have to fucking explain myself. I could just say, ‘faggot, faggot, faggot,’ and leave it at that. But I even go on to justify what the fuck I’m talking about.” So wise. [Queer Day]
  • Nick Denton, publisher of the Gawker Media blogs, told newspaper editors and publishers today by saying he thinks they shouldn’t create blogs for their wesbites. He also called newspapers pompous. []